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Find Low-Cost Spay/Neuter in Florida - If you are seeking help or advice for low-cost spay/neuter facilities anywhere in Florida, this site can help you find a service provider or a referral/voucher program that meets your needs and will hopefully be convenient for your use. Click here to go to our listing of counties that have clinics and/or programs or click onto the "Find Your County" link.

If you are located outside of Florida we do not have any information on what facilities might be available in other states. You could go to Petfinder and look for a rescue group in your community. Rescue groups will usually be able to direct you to a quality service provider near you.

You can be part of the solution - Renew your license plate and show you care. Funds go to help support these programs and clinics listed on this site plus many other groups. See our "Florida Animal Friends" page for more information.

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